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Hiral Shah & Abhimanyu Datta

Recorded Live on 13th May 2020,

Wednesday, 04:07 PM IST

Published on Tuesday,

19th May 2020, 04:19 PM

Length: 01:13:56 

HR expert Miss. Hiral Shah and Small Business expert Mr. Abhimanyu Datta were invited as guest speakers to speak live in online business conference organized by DevX which was attended by over 250 people in total including the Zoom session and the Facebook Live which was shared Live on DevX Facebook Page having more than 21000 likes.     

This is what Hiral had to say about the conference; “It has been a proud moment for us at MylLifeCoach when I and my Business Partner were invited as Guest Speakers to speak at online webinar Safeguarding Your Business organized by DevX.” 
Hiral spoke on “Competency Mapping” & “Work Culture Post Covid19”. Mr. Abhimanyu spoke on “Business Continuity Plan”.
Key Takeaways of the Webinar were:
For Competency Mapping & Work Culture Post Covid19 :
– Stay Interviews must be considered as important as Exit Interviews. 
– The benefits of implementing a competency model include:
      >Strategic Recruitment 
      >Skill Inventory 
      >Talent Management 
 For Business Continuity Plan:
– Always keep your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) updated with the changing market scenarios. 
– Framework for a BCP include: Purpose, Policy, Plan
– Create a plan that considers every disaster scenario and accordingly the action steps.
It was attended by over 50 participants on Zoom and almost 220 people watched it Facebook Live.

Below is the whole recording of the webinar. 

Safeguard Your Business

Understand the key to Safeguarding Your Business with our panelists:- Mr. Abhimanyu Datta, Managing Partner at Mylifecoach- Ms. Hiral Shah, Managing Partner at MylifecoachPoints of discussion in the webinar include Business Continuity Plan, Work Culture, & Employee Competency Mapping.Support Partners:Startup Around, Startuply Media, StartupNews.Fyi#DevXCommunity #BusinessPlan #COVID19 #FutureOfWork #Business #Startup

Posted by DevX on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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